Auris Jazz
Auris Jazz
Auris Jazz
Auris Jazz
Auris Jazz
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Auris Jazz

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Experience the Complexity and Virtuosity of Music with Auris Jazz

If you have ever witnessed the majesty of a symphony orchestra, with its piano solos, majestic choirs and thunderous timpani, understand the depth and intricacy of music, then the Auris Jazz, with a W9 Tonearm, is designed to provide everything you need to fully immerse yourself in the amazing world of music. Experience the complexity and virtuosity as the composers intended, and allow the Auris Jazz to transport you to a world of musical mastery and timeless elegance.

Tone Arm

The W9 (9") tonearm is a groundbreaking advancement in precision and performance, setting a new industry standard. Crafted with cutting-edge 3D CAD/CAM technology and precision-manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC machines, it offers unparalleled accuracy and craftsmanship. To elevate your listening experience to unprecedented levels, we've integrated a specially engineered weight with a rubber thread. This ingenious design effectively dampens vibrations, allowing the intricate nuances of Jazz compositions to effortlessly emerge, ensuring that every note shines with clarity.

The W-9's 10mm VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle) adjustment provides effortless customization and versatile compatibility with various turntable mats, ensuring your setup aligns perfectly with your preferences.

Our commitment to audio excellence extends to the incorporation of ball bearings sourced from the medical industry. These bearings ensure minimal clearances and exceptional sound transmission, guaranteeing that the fidelity of your Jazz recordings remains unparalleled. Furthermore, the tonearm features a carbon fiber wand with an ultra-thin 1mm wall thickness. This advanced construction minimizes vibrations and resonance, unveiling every subtle detail and nuance within your beloved Jazz recordings. The W-9 tonearm is a testament to precision engineering and a must-have for audiophiles seeking the purest, most authentic musical experience.


Discover sound clarity through advanced isolation

In the realm of audio perfection, isolation reigns supreme. At Auris, we understand the profound importance of stability and vibration control in protecting the soul of music. Our commitment to this fundamental principle is embodied in the Auris Jazz turntable.


Revolutionary stability

The Auris Jazz has an innovative rubber foot compound, carefully engineered to provide unparalleled stability. This exceptional material serves as a steadfast fortress, resolutely protecting your music from the destructive forces of vibration. When the outside world echoes with uncertainty, your tunes remain steadfast, steadfast and pure.


Precision at your fingertips

But the road to audio excellence doesn't end there. With Auris Jazz, we enable you to further refine your listening experience. Our adjustable stand, capable of precise horizontal adjustment, gives you the power to isolate according to your conditions. When placed in this optimal position, it becomes an impenetrable barrier that protects your beloved tunes from outside interference.


Clarity Redefined

Imagine the feeling of sound freed from the shackles of vibration, unbounded by the chaos of the world. This is the magic of isolation. With it, the clarity and precision of your musical journey becomes transcendent. Every note, every beat, every whisper of melody resonates with newfound depth and authenticity, leaving you spellbound by the symphonic storytelling of your favorite tunes.

In the Auris Jazz, insulation isn't just a feature; it's a testament to our unwavering commitment to preserving the essence of music. Elevate your listening experience, embark on a journey where your music goes beyond the ordinary and immerse yourself in a pure, unadulterated world of sonic brilliance.


Silent Precision with the 16V-24VAC Motor

Our synchronous motor, intricately controlled by advanced PCB electronics, stands as a testament to seamless performance. It effortlessly tames vibrations, holding a steadfast tempo regardless of electrical network fluctuations. With the included EON PSU (Power Supply Unit), you attain laser-sharp speed control, whether grooving to records at 33.3 or 45 RPM. Prepare to be transported into the uninterrupted flow of jazz classics, as the Auris Jazz: Isolation guarantees unwavering stability.


Sublime Sub Platter Craftsmanship

The heart of the Auris Jazz is Isolation, which lies in its aluminum base and chrome axle. This dynamic duo ensures a faithful transfer of stable speed to the plate, without any slippage. What sets us apart? The plate, delicately mounted on a ball bearing, is forged from the formidable cemented carbide metal. Its astonishing Rockwell hardness rating of up to 90 translates into a lifetime of accuracy. Your music deserves nothing less.


Built to Last with a Bronze Bearing Housing

Durability, our guiding principle, shines in our choice of a bronze main hub central bearing. This decision ensures not only a prolonged lifespan but also a sustained level of performance, setting us apart from conventional brass alternatives. By alleviating stress on the bearing, we guarantee optimal performance, allowing you to savor your cherished recordings for years to come.




33,3 rpm/45rpm Manual select

Drive principle

Belt drive


299mm Aluminum

Main Bearing

Ceramic ball, Widia plate, Bronze cylinder

Speed Variance

33,3 +/- 0,11% 45+/- 0,11%



Tonearm - Effective arm mass

12 gr



Tracking Force



445mm x 360mm x 130mm



Cartrige Compliance

From 6g to 14g

Tilt Angle



User Manaul



* Disclaimer: Delivery time is 2 weeks from the European warehouse

* The turntable comes without Tone Arm Cartridge



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