About EarMen

Portable High Performance Audio Devices for All.
  • Powerfull audio components elegantly designed for simple plug & play use. 
  • EarMen products are designed and engineered by Miki Trosic, renowned thoughout the audio industry as the founder of Auris Audio.
  • Manufactured in Europe to ensure the highest standards in production quality.

Introducing EarMen - Portable Audio Freedom For All 

The world of mobile audio is changing by the day, with headphone jacks having all but vanished from smartphones, and device manufacturers choosing to prioritize wireless streaming rather than the quality of your listening experience. Bluetooth earphones offer us an ease of experience in our day to day listening, but what about those of us who still prefer to embrace quality over convenience with our audio? How is one to enjoy a high-end cabled earphone or headphone when the phone containing our music does not even possess the means with which to connect our cabled device? 

With decades of experience developing award winning high-end amplification and audio processing equipment for both home and desktop audio, we knew that the market needed something new, inovative and outstanding for those of us who prefer to listen to our music while on the go. With this though in mind, EarMen was born - on a quest to deliver the highest quality audio experience while granting you the freedoom to enjoy your music without limitations.

Designed and engineered by Milomir "Miki" Trosic, founder of our sister company Auris Audio, EarMen carries on the legacy of sound that has established Auris as a leader in high fidelity audio world. Unlike Auris products, however, EarMen is designed exclusively to enance portable listening, and as such our products are small in their size - easily fitting within your pocket alongside your smartphone. Although small in size, EarMen products contain powerful audio components designed to give you and your equipment an audio experience without compromise. Powerful ampification and world class audio processing, fully compatible with all major smartphones and computers, all in a device the size of a lighter.


Underatanding that production quality and after-sale product support are of the upmost importance to our customers, we have made our home in the Unites States for ease of consumer communication, and manufacture all of our products in Europe to ensure the highest standards in our manufacturing process.


Go ahead and celebrate, audiophiles. This one is for you!

EarMen, Chicago, IL 60601, United States